Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Top 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World Ever Sold

The Top 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World are dominated by PATEK PHILIPPE. The French term ‘bienfacture’ is a recognition of fine workmanship in the quality of making all component to movements, watch cases and bracelets. 100% of the Patek Philippe mechanical movement are awarded by the prestigious official hallmark of the Geneva Seal granted since 1886.

#1 Henry Graves Supercomplication PATEK PHILIPPE (1932) - Let’s begin with the topper. Henry Graves Supercomplication watch, made in 1932, was sold at Sotheby’s auction in 1999 at a whopping price of $11,002,500. The watch fetched a much greater price than what was initially expected. The pocket watch has two faces and 24 complications (or functions). It took 4 long years to manufacture the watch. It still holds the record of the most expensive watch ever sold on the face of our planet.

#2 Caliber 89 PATEK PHILIPPE (1989) – The second position goes to Caliber 89, manufactured in 1989. It was sold at a mind-boggling price of $5,002,500 at Antiquorum in 2004. The “clockwatch” is made of 18 carat white gold. It is considered to be one of the most complex watches ever built, with 33 functions, along with dials for a second time zone.

#3 Platinum World Time PATEK PHILIPPE (1939) – The third position goes to Patek Philippe Platinum World Time (1939) wristwatch. It was sold at an eyebrow-raising price of $4,026,524 in Antiquorum in 2002. According to watch experts, this platinum watch is one of a kind gem creation ever made.

#4 Heures Universelles PATEK PHILIPPE (1953) – In the fourth position stands Model 2523 Heures Universelles, a Patek Philippe creation of 1953. The watch fetched a stupendous price of $2,899,373 at Antiquorum in 2006. The delicate watch is made of 18-carat white gold. The watch sports a polychrome and enamel dial representing the North American geographical map.

#5 Model 2499 Patek Philippe First Series (1957) PATEK PHILIPPE – The fifth slot again goes to a Patek Philippe creation. The Model 2499 First Series watch was manufactured in 1957 and sold at Christie’s in 2007 at an astounding price of $2,280,000. The prized 18-carat rose-gold wristwatch bears the signature of Patek Philippe.

#6 Patek Philippe Model 1591 (1944) PATEK PHILIPPE – The sixth watch again is a Patek Philippe creation. The Model 1591 watch, manufactured in 1944, was sold at Christie’s in 2007 at an amazing price of $2,263,964. The stainless steel wristwatch once belonged to a maharajah who used to wear it while playing polo. It was later gifted to a person who arranged the maharaja’s wedding. It is the only stainless-steel version of model 1591 and holds the world record of being the only stainless steel watch ever sold in an auction.

#7 Patek Philippe Model 2499 (1951) – In the seventh position stands a Patek Philippe Model 2499 First Series watch, manufactured in 1951. The watch fetched a monumental price of $2,129,000 in Antiquorum, 2002. The watch bears the embossed signature of Patek Philippe. It is an 18-carat rose gold watch with a perpetual calendar and a moon-phase dial.

#8 Grande Complication PATEK PHILIPPE (1926) – The eighth position belongs to Grande Complication, again a Patek Philippe creation of 1926. It was sold at Christie’s at a prodigious price tag of $1,980,200. The watch was said to be made for one of the closest patrons of Patek Philippe. The watch has 12 complications or functionalities, including a twin-barrel winding mechanism working on both directions. The watch also sports a perpetual calendar.

#9 Grogan 1925 PATEK PHILIPPE (1925) Watches – In the last but one spot stands Patek Philippe made Grogan, manufactured in 1925. It was sold at a monumental price of $1,945,040 at Christie’s in 2006. The gold chronograph watch has a cushion-shaped case and suits the left-handed wearer. It is a unique one of its kind watch ever created.

Officier (1923) PATEK PHILIPPE Watches – The last position is yet again a Patek Philippe creation (a clean sweep by the brand). The “Officer” watch was manufactured in 1923 and sold at an astronomical sum of $1,918,387 at Antiquorum in 1999. It is made of 18-carat yellow gold and features functionalities like chronograph and a 60-minute register.

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